A Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream Dog

Louise Harding Author, Speaker and Master Dog Trainer

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Nose To Tail: A Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream Dog

  Do you dream of owning a loving, obedient, well-mannered dog?

  Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your dog’s bad behaviour?

  Do you want to train your dog and don’t know where to start?

Now there is a book for you – ‘Nose To Tail: A Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream Dog’. Champion trainer Louise Harding will be your own personal expert, coaching you and your dog.

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Nose to Tail Book - Dog Training, Louise Harding Author

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Louise will help you:

  Choose a dog who’s right for you and your family

  To understand what makes dogs tick

  Discover your dog’s unique traits, personality and energy level

Using her exclusive reward based training method revealed in ‘Nose To Tail: A Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream Dog’ you will learn how to:

See the world through your dog’s eyes

  Become a dog behaviour detective

  Develop your own individual training plan for success

  Train your dog with the basic behaviours for a happy home-life

  Expand your training to ensure you and your dog are safe and confident out and about

  And much more!


Nose to Tail should be the bible for all dog owners or anyone considering owning a dog. Having sought advice from many dog training dogs over the years I have always been left in a muddle. With Nose to Tail I find myself constantly referring back to it when things arise with my dogs. Louise is bursting with useful advice on all aspects of dog ownership everything from choosing the right dog, feeding, dog psychology, training and everything in between. This book has helped me trouble shoot issues or bad habits that have cropped up – whether it be dog or human error – it has helped me iron out the kinks. I’ve can find myself getting overwhelmed and daunted with training but Louise has created some useful tools which helps me get me started and keeps me on track. With her engaging style of explaining dog behaviour and training concepts Nose to Tail caters for anyone of any age – this book is a must read for the whole family.

Vivienne Bassett

I really enjoyed reading Nose to Tail. As a professional Dog Groomer I spend most days with lots of dogs… this book has opened my mind up to further understanding reasons behind the small behavioural habits I see on a daily basis. It’s given me a greater in depth insight into why dogs do the things they do…

The book is very easy to read, jam packed with lots of great tips and step by step guides on how to train your beloved fur children and most importantly advice on how to approach some of those pesky little habits that often drive us crazy.

I love how the book encourages people to take time to understand their dogs breed characteristics  and guides owners through the process of building a better relationship between owners and their dogs.

The book covers absolutely everything from the crucial stuff like toilet training to fun things like recipes and DIY doggy toys. A great go to book for all your canine needs.

An absolute must read for anyone considering a family pet or any parent looking to gain more knowledge and understanding of their fur children.


Dea-ana Smith

Puppy Powder Room

“Nose to Tail is an essential guide to any dog owner whether you are looking to extend your clan or encountering challenges with with your existing one. It starts with the basics and provides comprehensive information to help dog owners understand and enhance the relationship between their dog and family. Louise Harding is one of the most respected dog trainers on the central coast and has shared an immense amount of knowledge in this handy guide.”

Dr Christine Hsiao B.V.Sc

Point Clare Veterinary Hospital

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