Master Dog Trainer ~ Professional Animal Wrangler

Presenter ~ Author

Nose to Tail Book

Passionate, engaging and a little bit cheeky, Louise Harding is a bright light in the dog training world. More than a dog whisperer, she is a chatterer, a veritable Dr Dolittle. Louise is a master dog trainer, professional animal wrangler, presenter and author of the book Nose to Tail. 

With over twenty years experience in her field, she has trained numerous sled racing, obedience and agility champions. Her trained animal actors appear in film, television and commercial roles.

Louise has an innate connection with the animal world, this became evident early in her childhood as she accumulated a menagerie of pets; mice hedgehogs, budgies and guinea pigs. Then came the cats. The abandoned, the homeless strays and even the feral, cats. During her early primary school years Louise yearned for a dog. Her parents said NO.

Undeterred by their response, Louise began offering her services to the community as a volunteer dog walker. At age 12 she began training her first dog, Sue, a welsh corgi and she hasn’t looked back since.

New adventures beckoned for Louise and her family in Australia, in 2007 they relocated from New Zealand and the following year, her first Australian business Animal Talent was born.

Louise has trained thousands of dogs over the years using kind, gentle reward-based methods. Owners quickly find dog training can be fun and is easily integrated into everyday living. Using her unique ‘5 Steps to Training Success’ owners learn, what makes their dogs’ tick and how to train their ‘dream’ dog.

A regular presenter at major events, seminars and community gatherings, Louise is an engaging speaker sharing anecdotes from her years of experience and imparting knowledge with humour and fun. Her greatest desire is to help humans understand their dogs.

Louise’s years of experience are obvious as every aspect of dog ownership responsibility is presented in simple language, easy to follow instructions and a few laughs. Imagine making your own dog treats, toys and puzzle feeders.

Check lists and progress charts assist with everything from selecting your furry friend to training him to be your perfect pet.

Nose To Tail is a Must Have reference book that every dog lover/owner should possess.

Joy Smith

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