Why Does My Dog…?, How Can I Stop My Dog From…?, Can I Get My Dog To…,
These are some of the universal questions asked by dog owners the world over. Master Dog Trainer Louise Harding heard the cries of frustration from dog owners and in response established a dog training school on the Central Coast. From her school Animal Talent she has helped hundreds of owners and their dogs better understand each other, bond and establish respectful relationships using her unique reward-based training system.

Despite having helped hundreds of owners, the pleas of desperate dog owners struggling with their pooches continued to ring loud in her ears. Louise faced a dilemma. How could one person with a finite number of hours in a day possibly help any more people? Then in a light bulb moment, the solution became apparent, she was going to have write a book. Not just any book, a book in everyday language with no highfaluting trainer’s jargon. A book that encompassed everything from how to choose a dog that suits your lifestyle to correcting problematic behaviours. The result is a nose to tail guide to selecting, purchasing, caring for and training your dog.

Join us at Kincumber Library on Tuesday 19th June at 10:30am to hear Master Dog Trainer, Professional Animal Wrangler and Author Louise Harding in conversation with Fiona Crain speaking about her new book Nose to Tail:A Holistic Guide to Training Your Dream Dog. Louise is an engaging speaker and there’s never a dull moment at any of her talks. Her sense of humour comes to the fore as she shares stories and experiences from her 35 years as a dog, animal and ‘human’ trainer.

This is a complimentary event, to reserve your seat please call Kincumber Library on 43047499 or email animaltalenthq@gmail.com. Books will be available to purchase on the day.

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