In this blog post The Animal Talent Team have decided to share Louise’s heartfelt Facebook post about Millie the Big-hearted Labradoodle.

Here is a little background to fill you in. This is taken from the GoFundMe page our team set up to assist Millie’s family cover her surgery and veterinary expenses.


The Background

Millie the effervescent, friendly Labradoodle was savagely beaten and shot in the head with a spear gun on 21st January 2018, in a horrendous act of animal cruelty.  The news of this callous and brutal attack has been widely reported by the Australian and International media.

Millie is now fighting for her life.

Millie is a one-in-a-million dog – loving, loyal, friendly with other dogs and much-loved by her family and the local community. She is a dog with a big heart and sweet, gentle nature.

Her injuries are extensive and too graphic for us to detail here. In brief, she has a collapsed lung, a fractured skull and serious internal and skeletal injuries. She is receiving around-the-clock specialist veterinary care and may be facing further surgery.

Millie is only 3 years old and just starting out in her life journey. She is a happy-go-lucky, family pet with a big personality and loves nothing more than a trip to the beach, meeting up with her doggie friends, sunning herself on the sand, playing a game of fetch and frolicking in the waves. Millie is a crowd-stopper at the beach, people are constantly amazed by her out-going, friendly nature and her love of life.  She laps up the attention and is always happy for extra pats.

Millie is a real character when she is ready for a game her special trick is to head to the laundry basket, grab a sock then bound over to her family with it hanging from the corner of her mouth like it’s an extra droopy tongue.

Millie loves kids enjoying nothing more than joining in with all their games. Her family say, “She thinks she’s one of the kids! “

At the end of a long dog day, Millie loves to chill and get some belly rubs in before it’s time to curl up beside her mum for a long snooze.

Millie sounds like a dream dog and that’s because she is. She is that one-in-a-million rare find who is loved and adored by her family, friends and community – both two and four-legged.

In a world impacted by cruelness, greed and hate, we need all the Millie’s we can get.


Louise’s Post

Millie is the epitome of determination and hope, here’s why. Every day I see the bond between animals and humans. I’ve seen some amazing stories of recovery, both humans and animals. I don’t just work with dogs, I bond and work with their humans.

In the last few days I’ve experienced a range of strong emotions anger, disbelief, sadness, confusion, disappointment and…. hope.

I’m watching a dog with serious and numerous life threatening injuries begin to slowly heal herself and with that healing, begin to heal her family, to change their emotions from anger and resentment, to hope and gratitude.

Millie, was last week, a young (3 years), vibrant, awesome dog who enjoyed the company of people, beach walks and couch surfing; until she was struck down by a violent act, through no fault of her own, other than simply being a dog. Just a dog. But Millie is more than that. Despite her injuries she is digging deep and making small but steady improvements.

What her future will look like for her and her family is unclear. None of their lives will ever really be the same. No one can turn back the clock. But this loveable, ‘oodley’ dog gives us hope that if she can heal her body, we can also learn to heal ourselves, deal with our emotions (with the support of a community) and start again creating new memories and starting to heal each other.

This is one of my favourite Millie pics and I’m really hoping that one day I can witness her back on the beach.

That is my wish for Millie and her family I hope it comes true.


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